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Core Services

Contracts and Grants, LLC provides growth and development to companies through government contracts and grants, technology, and e-learning platforms. The C &G team delivers the following services to small and large businesses, corporations, and government agencies:

Proposal and Contract Support 


Third-Party Procurement

Program Management

Economic and Workforce Development

Books and Training


Do you know how to make your organization GRANT-WORTHY? 

Learn the distinguishing factors that set grant-winning nonprofits and corporations apart from those that do not win. Author Linda Chatmon offers readers a concise, no-nonsense handbook that simplifies the process of making an organization or corporation attractive to funding sources.

The Road to Government Contracts

The Road to Government Contracts is a must-read playbook for any business owner who has ever considered entering the federal market. 

This concise guide offers users ten succinct, actionable strategies that will walk them through the process of transitioning into the federal contracting space.

Proposal Submission

Learn how to navigate the submission process for govenment proposals, whether the agency requires you to send them by mail or digitally.

The Road to Government Contracts

6 Week Program

Enroll in this six-week, real-world simulation of the process successful federal contractors use to find, bid on, and win government contracts.

Develop Vetting Your Plan

Develop a vetting plan to help you sift through the thousands of RFPs so you don’t waste time and other resources on the wrong oppurtunities.

The Road to Government Contracts

12 Week Program

Get a more in-depth training experience by enrolling The Road to Governmetn Contracts, a 12-week, real-world simulation of the process successful federal contractors use to find, bid on, and win government contracts.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Awarded over $100M

I engaged Contracts and Grants to prepare 2 proposals for us. One was awarded (more than $ 100 Million) and we made competitive range negotiations with the other, losing to a competitor that had lower pricing, however our technical proposal was deemed to be compliant. The unique thing about Contracts and Grants is their ability to extract the necessary information from our internal subject matter experts and combine it with their years of experience to craft a winning solution. To be awarded such a large contract with no past performance, as a start-up demonstrates their ability to be persuasive, relevant, compliant, and responsive.

Guest Testimonial

Contracts and Grants clients since 2007

We have been using Contracts and Grants, since 2007. During that time they have been responsible for our 8a certification, GSA Schedule, and assisted with the negotiation of many sole source awards. Their knowledge of Federal Acquisitions, combined with a network of strong resources have kept us satisfied customers.

David Johnson

We were awarded a $1.5M contract

We knew that we needed to supplement our internal proposal team, but what we didn’t know was that Contracts and Grants would integrate so easily with our team so quickly. We were introduced to Contracts and Grants for a project that had less than 10 days turnaround time. Not only did Contracts and Grants meet the deadline, but we WON the award, a $ 1.5 Million contract for Help Desk IT Services.

Henry Scott

We now have access to a roster of qualified and vetted teaming partners and subcontractors.

As a large prime contractor, it is important that we identify qualified and vetted teaming partners and subcontractors. In addition to Contracts and Grants’ stellar reputation for proposal management, their unique service offering provides us with access to experienced and vetted small, minority, and women owned businesses which we use as teaming partners and subcontractors.

Dwight Turner

Awarded two contracts in just two months

We began using Contracts and Grants in April 2014. Within 2 months we were awarded 2 contracts and had entered into discussions for a third. Since that time, we have been awarded over 7 contracts as a result of their efforts.  What I find most valuable about their services is guidance and responsiveness. Contracting with the government means that you are occasionally on a tight schedule. There is has been several occasions when revisions or responses need to be submitted quickly. C&G has always responded within minutes easing much stress. I know that I am not alone and can count on their support at all times. In addition, C&G understands how to market to the purchasers and has guided our efforts to increasing successful results.

Sheneka Rains

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