Grant-WorhtyDo you know how to make your organization GRANT-WORTHY?

What are the distinguishing factors that set grant-winning nonprofits and corporations apart from those that do not win? Author Linda Chatmon offers readers a concise, no-nonsense handbook that simplifies the process of making an organization or corporation attractive to funding sources.

Grant-Worthy  is the second title in The Road to Government Contracts and Grants book series, published by Linda’s company, Contracts and Grants, LLC. This must-read guide gives for-profit and non-profit organizations a critical checklist that will help them  quickly assess their strengths and weaknesses.

This guide will teach you:

* The five elements that make you a tax-exempt nonprofit in the eyes of the government

* How to determine if your company is a good fit for nonprofit status

* The difference between a nonprofit, not-for-profit, foundation, and a charity and which business structure works best for your organization

* How to create a vibrant, significant mission that will boost your chances of getting funding

* How to save your nonprofit from the tax man

* Why a federal contract, not a federal grant, may be the best option for you right now
Find out once and for all why that much-needed funding keeps slipping through your fingers and get the information, resources and tools you need to WIN during the next funding period.