The Road to Government Contracts

Why do some federal contractors succeed while others fail?

Why do some companies make a seamless transition into the federal space while others seem to hit brick wall after brick wall?

What is it that separates the successful companies from the rest?

This is a Must-Read Pocket Guide –

The Road to Government ContractsThe Road to Government Contracts is a must-read playbook for any business owner who has ever considered entering the federal market as well as for SEASONED government contractors who simply need to win more bids. 

This power-packed guide is the culmination of nearly two decades of experience helping businesses and organizations successfully transition into the federal market.

From her years as a federal contractor, on through her years as a consultant, Linda Chatmon has seen it all and has distilled a solution that will allow readers to circumvent some of the common pitfalls that trip up so many companies working to become federal contractors.

The Road to Government Contracts capitalizes on the use of concise, doable steps without the filler. This short book offers readers actionable strategies to help them better understand what it takes to successfully transition into the federal contracting space.


The Road to Government Contracts covers the ten key areas all successful government contractors must master. You will learn:

  1. Why you need a global business strategy
  2. How to create a three-year strategic plan
  3. How to capture opportunities 
  4. Tips for building proposals
  5. Why a commercial pricing strategy doesn’t work in the federal market
  6. Reputation management
  7. How to keep your business on track to reach its federal contracting goals
  8. How to build a strong, government-compliant infrastructure
  9. How to choose teaming partners that help you win contracts
  10. How to leverage the benefits of using an external proposal management team

For each of these ten key areas, The Road to Government Contracts gives readers an action plan and clear, succinct insight to help them understand the theory behind the methods.

After reading this guide, you will walk away with a start-to-finish game plan for positioning your company to enter and succeed in the federal contracting market.