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Business Development

Launch, Grow, Scale

Tools the help new and emerging businesses launch and scale

Every business needs two things to be successful: resources and strategies for using those resources to accomplish specific goals. Contracts & Grants, LLC specializes in helping launch new and position existing businesses for growth and scalability.

Linda Chatmon has invested decades building relationships with government officials and business leaders from all over the world. The result is Contracts & Grants, LLC is seen as a reliable resource for many government agencies, municipalities, and state and local elected officials.

Business Management Services

We help new entrepreneurs eliminate the learning curve and cut down their time investment by fully managing the process of building their businesses to best perform in both the public and private sectors. Then we find, vet, and bid on the federal proposals and commercial contracts that these companies are best-suited to perform.

  • Manage the acquisition of an existing business 
  • “Stand-up” and manage the launch of a new business 
  • Business development and strategic planning for businesses owned by high-profile individuals
  • Manage day-to-day operations support for new businesses  
  • Find, administer, and manage contracts 
  • Match businesses with commercial and government contracting opportunities
Man holidng a pickaxe - rural government contracts


Do you reside in a rural or isolated community? Don’t let that stop you from starting or growing your business.  With access to technology and the right training, you can sell your product or services to any corporation or government agency.

Did you know that the products and services that government agencies buy are contracts that must be performed at the government’s place of business?  This provides a lucrative space for home-based businesses, micro businesses, rural-owned businesses, and work-at-home-parents to transition into the federal contracting arena.

But how? 

How i-Cubator Helps Rural and Home-Based Businesses

Contracts and Grants has developed the solution home-based businesses and rural enterprises need with the launch of our I-Cubator.

I-Cubator is a subscription-based online small business incubator specifically designed to help home-based businesses and rural businesses get access to information, relationships, resources, and business opportunities.  Your location is no longer an impediment for doing business all over the world. 

The challenge many home-based businesses, micro businesses, rural small businesses, and work-at-home parents face is getting timely access to potential opportunities. Micro businesses and especially rural businesses miss opportunities because their location and/or small network keep them out of the loop. make it nearly impossible for business owners to latch on to bigger opportunities. Rural businesses often find the nearest chamber of commerce may be 100 miles away. Proprietors may serve the same people, the same businesses day after day and never have news of a federal contracting opportunity break through the wall of their local network. After all, the average person knows nothing about federal contracting.

If you are a rural-based or home-based business owner and you want to prepare your business for growth and/or to make a successful transition into the public sector by learning how to do business with the government, join the only web-based small business incubator with a developed curriculum that will help you find and win contracts.