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What if You Could Master the Process of Becoming a Successful Federal Contractor in the Next Few Weeks?

If you and your team have been struggling to make a successful transition in to the federal arena, or your company is already working as a subcontractor in the federal space but you’re ready to scale up your business to increase your capacity, the next 90 days could decide your future.

As part of the Fast Track Series, Linda Chatmon and the Contracts and Grants team have prepared this course specifically to help you make your business more accountable, give your departments greater capacity, and help you finally take the next step in your journey toward becoming a high-performing, well-respected prime contractor for the federal government.

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How it Works


The Road to Government Contracts – Real World Simulation

Only 1 hour a week of classroom time the rest is Hands On Experience and Consulting so you can continue to operate your business!


Full Proposal Library

Complete Baseline Proposal

Full Cost Price Analysis

Full 3 Year Strategy

Ongoing Business Development

Long Term Value


Post-Program Benefits

One of the key advantages of being a Fast Track participant is the ongoing business development support we offer.

In the months after your team (including your teaming partners) graduates from the Fast Track Academy’s six-week program, you are eligible to receive ongoing support through Group Q&A sessions, Office Hours, and One-on-One sessions. Your support includes:

  • Reduced rate for future training sessions and courses
  • Ongoing match-making services through Team Exchange Network
  • Ongoing referrals
  • Access to our content library for one full year (normally $19.99 per month), which includes access to:
    • Webinars and other recorded content
    • Templates
    • Q&A Sessions


Listen to our recent graduate. Within 30 days of graduation we had her in front of a 22 Billion dollar company discussing a mentor protégée relationship. This could be you.

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