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Performance-Based Online Directory Matches Small Businesses with Government Contracts


Contact Name: Ali VanHouten

Contracts and Grants, LLC

Contact Phone Number:678-916-0444

ATLANTA, February 21, 2018 - In a push to streamline the process of connecting top-

performing small businesses and prime government contractors, Contracts and Grants, LLC is 

bringing to market the first ever performance-based online business directory for government contractors. 

Teaming Exchange Network (TEN) is the only online marketplace that rates experts, 

freelancers, and small businesses with an algorithm-driven score before matching them with prime contractors. The score is designed to be to government agencies and prime contractors what credit scores are to lenders - an indicator of the likelihood of successful performance. 

The platform was created by Contracts and Grants CEO Linda Chatmon and Paydirt Analytics CEO James McCool to give women-owned, minority-owned, and veteran-owned small businesses the opportunity to get in front of prime government contractors using specific 

performance metrics. Prime contractors often partner with disadvantaged small businesses to fulfill agency-mandated Small Business Participation requirements.

TEN uses the Performance Assessment Rating System (PARS™) to assess the strengths and 

weaknesses of companies by rating them in three core areas: Technical capability, teamining suitability, and government suitability. 

The matchmaking functionality of PARS + TEN provides prime government contractors with a 

tool that can quickly and easily vet hundreds of small businesses and generate results to help 

primes predict the performance of subcontractors before contracting with them. 

Trade organizations with a large professional membership can build a virtual pipeline to 

government contracting by offering its business members access to the PARS scoring tool. 

PARS is a prescriptive, predictive tool that tells small business stakeholder if the company is 

ready for government contracting, and shows companies that aren't how to get ready. 

While both PARS and TEN are free to use, they are extensions of, Chatmon’s web-based resource center that teaches 

businesses and professionals how to successfully transition into government contracting.

PARS is powered by PayDirt Analytics, a strategic analytics company dedicated to helping companies find a path to success through data and computational understanding.

Contracts & Grants, LLC provides proposal, program and contract management 

services to government contractors and corporations.It also provides procurement, 

economic and community development consulting to government agencies, community 

development authorities, boards and private developers.