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Proposal Support

Stay on top of things with fast, objective Proposal Review Services

Contracts & Grants, LLC has built a stellar reputation for providing pipeline management services for government  contracts and grants, including a full menu of proposal support.

We perform research, development, and writing services for our proposal clients, as well as third-party review and submissions. We have an exceptionally strong core team to serve clients of every size, in virtually every industry sector within the federal marketplace. We are Subject Matter Experts with real‐world, hands‐on experience in the federal market.

Proposal Review

When you’re done writing your proposal, you’re going to need a second pair of eyes to review it. Let our team of Subject Matter Experts conduct a thorough third-party review of your government proposal.

Linda Chatmon, Founder & CEO of Contracts & Grants, LLC

Why It Matters

Overlooking Errors ​

Are you overlooking errors that will cost you the contract? A well-reviewed document will be nearly impossible for your team to edit in-house.​


Believe it or not, after you've seen a document once, your brain starts to auto-fill blanks and deficiencies with each subsequent read-through. That means you may not see the errors in your proposal, even when you're looking for them.​

Blind Spots

The problem with handling proposal in-house is often the team members who are most knowledgeable of your process have little to no experience actually working with government agencies. When that's the case, one seemingly unimportant blind spot can keep you from winning bids.

We can get you to the negotiation table

Winning bids all have one important thing in common – objectivity. Without it you put the time, human capital, and other valuable resources spent writing a targeted federal proposal at risk. 

We provide busy teams with a second pair of eyes. Beyond good grammar, you need a team with decades of expertise and billions of dollars in successful bids to assess your proposal and give you the advice you need to win this bid… and every bid that comes after.   

We do not merely talk about performance; we have the proven bottom-line results to back it up. Contracts & Grants is a one-stop shop for companies in need of full-service federal pipeline management, proposal management, proposal development, proposal review and evaluation services.

At $85 for a limited! (Regularly $125)