Business Development


Getting to the Right Person to get your Project off the ground is crucial.  As a Political Appointee, Our President is front and center at the Federal, State and Local Levels. Further, because of the services we offer, we are a resource for many government agencies, municipalities,  and state and local elected officials.

Proposal Support


Our Proposal Process is the BEST! as evidenced by the 12.2 Billion Dollar track record. We offer cradle to grave services as well as Proposal Reviews and a trusted partner when you need to surge.

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Have the staff but not the expertise? Have the expertise and not the staff? Need to get to the next level? We are available for on-site consulting and training. We also provide staffing and recruiting. 

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DBE/MBE/FBE - Program Management


Most jurisdictions  have small business, MBE/DBE/ and FBE requirements to fulfill.  Let us tackle that for you.  We have been supporting small businesses for more than 22 years so we KNOW what makes a good teaming partner. Let us do all of the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on delivering stellar services.

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Economic Development


Entrepreneur Development is THE biggest stimulant to Economic Development.  We have been building businesses for over 22 years.  Let us develop your Entrepreneur Center 

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Third Party Procurement Solutions


It is ALWAYS a good idea to have an independent Procurement process.  Transparency, and Accountability are crucial and only Third Parties offer the ability to be completely neutral.  Let us handle your procurement needs to ensure that you are getting the best value and the best price.

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